Obedience Classes

Obedience, Basic & Family Manners, Tricks, Rally, and Private Lessons

Classes Meet Once a Week for Six(6) Weeks

$145 for Six Week Class

Limit of Six(6) Dogs Per Class

Minimum of Three (3) Dogs Enrolled for a Class to be Held

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Obedience Class Schedule
Obedience Class Descriptions
Event Center Policies

All classes are taught using positive reinforcement methods. No retractable leashes, choke collars, pinch collars or shock collars will be allowed. Please bring an abundance of very high-value treats for the classes. If your puppy/dog is not food motivated, please bring their favorite toy with you.

All dogs must be friendly with other dogs and humans to attend class.

Private lessons are $55 per half hour time slot. These may be scheduled at additional times with any of our instructors.

Instructors:  Angela Evers, Chris Brewer, Joan Meyer

Wood River  Obedience Class Schedule – Classes beginning  July 16, 2018

All applications and payments due one week prior to class start date.

12:00 PM Basic and Family Manners
1:00 – 4:00 PM Private Lesson – Obedience and Agility
7:15 PM Starts July 23rd – Competition Obedience – all levels Novice, Open, Utility, and Rally)
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Private Lessons – Agility, Obedience, and/or Behavior Modification
10:00 AM Puppy Kindergarten (10 – 16 weeks old dogs)
11:00 AM Advanced Beginner Obedience
12:00 PM Starts July 31st – Basic and Family Manners
10:00 AM Advanced Beginner Obedience
10:00 AM Starts August 1 – Advanced Obedience
11:00 AM Basic and Family Manners
11:00 AM Starts August 1 – Basic and Family Manners
12:00 PM Double the Fun (Rally and Tricks Combo Class)
6:00 PM Advanced Obedience
7:00 PM Starts August 1 – Basic and Family Manners
8:00 PM Basic and Family Manners
10:00 AM Basic and Family Manners
10:00 AM Starts July 26th – Basic and Family Manners
11:00 AM Puppy Kindergarten (10 – 16 week old dogs)
11:00 AM Starts July 26th – Puppy Kindergarten
12:000 PM Advanced Beginner Obedience

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Obedience Class Descriptions

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN – Puppies 8 – 16 weeks old. We will help teach your puppy basic manners such as walking on a loose leash, sit-stay, down-stay and coming when called. We will focus on responsible pet ownership and how to teach proper manners around other people and pets. We will also discuss any grooming, nutrition and housebreaking tips as well as other topics that might be needed. Please bring your questions.

BASIC AND FAMILY MANNERS – Ages 5 months and up. This class is designed for the older puppy and for adult dogs. We will discuss how to manage common problem behaviors such as jumping and barking along with basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stand, stay, pay attention while distracted and loose leash walking. We will help you with impulse control including not running out of open doors and waiting for food. Everything to make your 4-legged friend a well-behaved family member.  All Dogs will be tested for Canine Good Citizenship certification with the American Kennel Club at the end of the 6 weeks.

ADVANCED BEGINNER OBEDIENCE – Building on the basic manners class, this class will continue working on skills learned such as walking on a loose leash, sit-stay, down-stay and coming when called. Adding duration and mild distractions, this is a great way to prepare you and your dog for further adventures of Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Rally, Agility, Therapy Dog.  Prerequisite: Completion of basic manners class.

NOVICE OBEDIENCE – Continue to build on what you have learned in the basic manners and advance beginner obedience. This class will teach heeling (on leash), figure 8, stand for exam, recall and sit and down stays. Whether you are planning to show your dog or not, this is a fabulous way to continue to build a relationship with your dog.  Prerequisite: Advanced Beginner Obedience or instructor approval.

RALLY OBEDIENCE CLASS – Building on skills you are learning with your dog, why not give Rally a try?  Rally promotes fun and enjoyment as well as continuing to strengthen the bond between dog and owner. This class will continue to work on obedience skills while learning the rally stations.  Prerequisite:  Advanced beginner obedience or instructor approval

READY-SET-SHOW-NOVICE OBEDIENCE – Building on the skills learned in Novice obedience, this class will focus on getting teams ready to compete in Novice obedience. We will focus on all that pertains to the Novice class and getting the teams comfortable and confident in showing their dogs. Prerequisite: Completion of Novice Obedience or instructor approval.

TRICKS CLASS (Novice) – Looking for something fun to do with your dog?? This class teaches the foundations of how to train your dog tricks. Starting with the basics of how to teach your dog and then how to break down even the complicated tricks. Then we work on putting all those pieces together. We will test for the AKC Novice trick dog title at the end of the 6-week class.

TRICKS CLASS (ADVANCED) – This class continues on the program of the tricks your dog has learned in the Novice Tricks Class and continues the advancement of tricks for the Intermediate and Advanced Level Trick Dog. We will test at the end of the 6 weeks for your Intermediate Trick Dog Title.  Prerequisite:  Completion of Novice Trick dog class or instructor approval

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Obedience Class Schedule

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