Team Jäeger – Student Testimonial

Team John and Jaeger Triune Canine Training

Team John and Jäeger will be representing the United States at the 2017 European Open

“I’ve trained with Joan for a number of years now, she has a way of bringing out the best in each team, doesn’t matter what size or breed. With Joan’s help and coaching, helped my boy Ruger and I make it to the finals at the 2013 AKC Agility Nationals! She knew how I needed to handle  Ruger, since we didn’t have what one would call a “conventional start line” LOL  It wasn’t until this year, that I really started to want to be pushed as hard as I could, as Jaeger and I were going to try out for Team USA going to the European Open in Italy, July 2017, with the experience Joan has in running in these types of events, she knew what I needed to get to my goal, make the team! Happy to say we were fortunate enough to be named to Team USA going to the European Open!! I know it was because of the coaching she provides, not only in class but what homework we could take home to master the skills we needed to succeed. Joan has taught me that no course is impossible, a never say never attitude. Joan has also taught me, if we don’t Q on a course, not to ask what I did wrong, but, what positive(s) did I have from the run. Thank you for not only the coaching but being a friend on top of it.”   – John R.

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