Open Agility Student Practice Sessions

We will be holding practice sessions for our agility students on March 21 and April 18, 2019.

These agility practice sessions are intended for you to have the opportunity to work on skills that you learn in class. If you need assistance with obstacles or need help with a sequence, Chris Brewer will be available. Practices are not intended as private lessons, but Chris will answer your questions and help you and your dog on obstacles.

  • Handler teams will get a minimum of 12 min ring time. This can be broken down in either 2 min runs or 4 min runs if help with obstacles or sequences is needed.
  • A minimum of 5 dogs to hold a session with a maximum of 10 dogs
  • All applications and payments are due 1 week prior to session date.
  • Sessions will start at 6 pm and will either last 1 or 2 hours depending on the number of dogs.
  • Cost of practice session: $20 per dog
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