Hidden dangers of the chute and why it should be removed from agility equipment

I sent this out this morning.  Just thought I would send to all my students also.

Dear Agility Organizations,

I understand you have received many requests and videos regarding the chute (collapsed tunnel) but no reason why or understanding what has happened through the years that has changed the number of crashes. I have been working on this question since the injury occurred to my dog. I never thought it was such a danger until I started my research. I hope this helps you understand what we are doing by asking our dogs to do this obstacle just to received a title, national or international championship in our agility venue.
Is this really what we want the family of 4 to witness if they are watching to make a decision on an activity their kids can do with their family pet?

I love this sport and have traveled around the world competing, judging and giving seminars. I do understand the competition level from all aspects and the training of all the different breeds of dogs.
That is why I am taking the time to educate the agility community on the hidden dangers of the chute

If you have any questions regarding my research or something seen on this video. Please feel free to call me personally,at 785-865-6670

We also have the petition which has over 4000 signatures in one week. Here is the link with all the comments about it.

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