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Spring 2018 League Stats

Triune Canine Training is hosting an inaugural agility league starting in March 2018.  We anticipate this league will be great fun for everyone.  It is an opportunity to run and train your dog in a trial-like setting including a more intense atmosphere but with the support of your teammates and friends.  League play is intended to be a competitive experience but also to provide beneficial training time and fun for all participants.

League registration opens on Wednesday, February 15, 2018, and closes on March 6, 2018.

League Fee – $150 for each 3 dog team ($50/dog)

League Registration Form

How Does It Work?

The league will have six sessions March-May, 2018.  It will consist of AKC Master level Standard and Jumpers with Weaves courses.   Teams consist of three dogs and three handlers.  Course maps will be sent by email on Mondays the week of league play to provide an opportunity to craft your strategy.  Each participant will have two runs on the course and both will be scored for the league.


Scoring will be time plus faults for regular courses.  The lowest score wins.  Unlike an agility trial, there isn’t an NQ so keep on running should you make a mistake!  Teams will drop their highest cumulative score each week to allow for runs that don’t go as planned and unexpected absences.

  • Bars – 5 second fault per bar/tire/broad jump
  • Missed contact – 10-second fault
  • Wrong course – 10-second fault
  • Failure to Complete Obstacle – 20-second fault (slicing the broad jump, not finishing the weave poles)

Team scores will be posted on the website each week.

Scoring example, individual run:

1 wrong course – 5
1 missed contact  -10
Going under a jump and not knowing – 20
Time = 43 seconds
Total score for the run = 78 (43 + 35)


Scoring example, weekly team score:

Handler 1, Run 1 – 78
Handler 1, Run 2 – 45          Handler 1 Cumulative Score = 123
Handler 2, Run 1 – 55
Handler 2, Run 2 –  76        Handler 2 Cumulative Score = 131
Handler 3, Run 1 – 87
Handler 3, Run 2 – 45         Handler 3 Cumulative Score = 132

Because Handler 3 has the highest cumulative score, it would be dropped and the team’s score for the week would be 254.

League Schedule:

Walk-throughs begin at  7 pm sharp. Runs will begin no later than 7:15 pm.

            Date              Course 

  • March 13         Standard
  • March 27         JWW
  • April 10           Standard
  • April 22          JWW
  • May 8             Standard
  • May 22          JWW

 Agility League Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many teams are in the league?

A. The league is limited to 10, 3-dog teams.

Q. Can I be on more than one team?

A. A human may be on more than one team. An individual dog may only be part of one team.

Q. How do I find a team?

A. Ask!  If you’re having difficulty putting together a team, please contact Joan or Chris, and they will help connect interested parties.

Q. May I use toys and/or treats during my run?

A. This activity is meant to stimulate a trial environment so no toys or treats will be permitted.

Q. How is time calculated? Who scores the runs?

A. Electronic timers will be used. Each participant will be asked to help with judging throughout the Spring league.

Q. Will the teams have names?

A. Of course!   You and your teammates are encouraged to come up with your team name or we will make one up for you.  Not Fast Just Furious, Agony of De Feet, and Run Like the Winded are still up for grabs!

Q. So…what do we win?

A. Monetary prizes based on the number of participants will be determined prior to league start and awarded after the scores from the last session have been tallied.

Q. Will there be a standard course time?

A. Yes.

Q. How many times can we attempt the weaves?

A. You may attempt the weaves as many times as you like until time runs out.

League Registration form

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