Ann Braue Seminar



MAY 9 & 10, 2018

9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Ann Braue for Triune Canine

Photo Credit: Lisa Jack

Hosted by Triune Canine Training Center
1903 E. Edwardsville Road  Wood River, Illinois

Two-day working spot: $390
Auditing Spot: $75 per day
50% of fee much accompany the registration and is non-refundable.
Final payment due by April 30, 2018.
The working spots in this seminar are for dogs competing  at the Excellent or USDAA Advanced levels or higher
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About Ann Braue

Ann Braue has owned Ann Braue’s Canine Training Center (ABCTC, LLC) since 1991.

Ann graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison (with honors) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. Ann’s expertise and love of teaching is recognized by all of her students.  Ann has owned beagles as well as Labrador and Golden Retrievers.  She currently has 5 border collies.  Prior to getting involved in agility, Ann had an extensive and successful background in competition obedience.  She competed in and was frequently in, the top 10 at national obedience competitions.   Ann has won the $10,000 Steeple Chase (3 times), Grand Prix and Team at USDAA Nationals and has placed numerous times at AKC Nationals.  She has been on the FCI World Team 5 Times (Spain, Switzerland, Norway – silver Team Medalist, Finland, and Germany), IFCS once and has represented the USA at Crufts twice.   Ann has had the honor of representing the US at Crufts with 2 different dogs, so far the only handler asked by AKC to do this. Ann travels and teaches extensively in the US to share her love of the sport of agility.  In 2013 Ann branched into International Coaching.  She coached the 2013 AKC World Team in South Africa.  Ann coached the 2014 (Belgium), 2015 (Germany) European Open Teams, and the 2016 (France) European Open Team.

An overriding goal remains to give back to the agility community and to make the USA EO Team more competitive.

Seminar Registration Form

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