Westinn Class Schedule


Triune Canine Training Center

Mondays at Westinn Kennels, Wentzville, Missouri

Six (6) Weeks of Classes Beginning August 13, 2018

Registration  Currently Open

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 Westinn/Wentzville Class Schedule:

All Wentzville classes are trained by Joan Meyer.

Day Time Class
 Monday 12:30 pm Intermediate – Dogs must have completed at least two 6 week agility classes
2:30 pm Handling Skills (DOGS MUST BE COMPETING) – 4, 8, and 20-inch jump heights
3:30 pm Handling Skills (DOGS MUST BE COMPETING) –  12, 16, and 20-inch jump heights
5:30 pm Beginner Agility – This is the beginning of all agility.  No previous agility training required.  Dogs must have basic obedience with a stay and off leash recall.
6:30 pm Handling Skills (DOGS MUST BE COMPETING) – Any Height
7:30 pm Handling Skills (DOGS MUST BE COMPETING) – Any Height

Agility Class Descriptions:

BEGINNER – This is the start of agility training. Learn jumping skills, tunnel games, and introduce your dog to contacts. (Dogs must be able to sit or down and come when called on a leash).

INTERMEDIATE – For dogs who have completed at least 3 sessions of classes and be able to sequence 4-6 obstacles. May still need some guide wires on weaves (MUST HAVE OFF LEASH CONTROL).

HANDLING – Dogs must be competing. Dog and handlers will work on their handling skills while working on running a course.


Westinn Kennels, 1522 Swantnerville Dr, Wentzville, MO 63385




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