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Triune Canine Training - Jester

Registration is open for the session starting on April 30, 2018

Summer Wood River session begins on June 6, 7, and 11, 2018

Classes Meet Once a Week for Six(6) Weeks
$145 for Six Week Class
Limit of Eight(8) Dogs Per Class

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Instructors: Chris Brewer, Angela Evers, Joan Meyer

Private lessons are $55 per half hour time slot. These may be scheduled at additional times with any of our instructors.

To promote a safe and fun environment for all dogs and handlers, all dogs enrolled in these classes must be friendly with other dogs and humans.

Wood River Class Schedule beginning April 30:

10:00 AM Beginner Agility
11:00 AM Advanced Beginner
12:00 PM Intermediate 1
1:00 PM Intermediate 2
5:00 PM Beginner Agility
7:00 – 9:00 PM Triune Tuesdays – Private Lessons, Agility League, Workshops

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Agility Class Descriptions

PUPPY AGILITY FOUNDATION WORK  Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months. This class is designed to teach your puppy how to learn and love agility.  We will work on the basic foundations needed to have an awesome agility partner all while we work “on the flat”.   This will get you started on various crosses, 2 on 2 off contact performances, and jumping fundamentals. We will teach food and toy drive with impulse control. This is totally positive reinforcement and you will need a hungry pup and a favorite toy.

BEGINNER AGILITY – This is the start of agility training. Learn jumping skills, tunnel games, and introduce your dog to contacts.  Prerequisite for class: Completion of basic manners or puppy kindergarten class or instructor approval.

ADVANCED BEGINNER – For dogs that have completed at least 1 six week session of beginner classes.

INTERMEDIATE 1 – For dogs that have completed at least 1 six week session of advance beginner agility classes and have off leash control.

INTERMEDIATE 2  – For dogs that have completed at least 1 six week session of Intermediate 1 agility classes and have off leash control. Dogs must be trained on all equipment, just need some training aids

HANDLING – Dogs must be competing. Dog and handlers will work on skills needed to compete at the Master level.

PREMIER AND INTERNATIONAL HANDLING Dogs must have a minimum of 5QQs when the application is submitted.  This will class will teach handlers various handling options and skills to compete on International style courses.

YOUNG DOG HANDLING – This is for dogs who are ready to compete or those who have just started to compete. Dogs must be able to sequence up to 10 obstacles.

COURSEWORK – Run full courses and get help with problem areas. Dogs must be able to sequence up to 10 obstacles

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