Agility Basset Hounds – Student Testimonial

Winona Triune Canine Training

Joan has help me run dog agility with a breed not known to be agility dogs, Basset Hounds, yes I said Basset Hound. I’m working with Joan on running my 6th generation line of my Bassets. Her name is Wynona, she started with Joan at 10 weeks old the youngest in her class but kept up with her classmates. She will be 2 years old March 21,2017 and she is in excellent standard and master jumper with weaves. She took High Combined in trial at the 2016 Basset Hound Nationals and is currently in the top 5 for 2017 AKC Invitationals. She has surpassed everything my other Bassets have done and what I could dream of, we are looking forward to see what the future holds for us with Joan‘s help. – Geri W.
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