Meet Joan


Joan began her dog training career in 1974 with a neighbor’s 150 pound Saint Bernard. She taught him obedience and to go down slides, over the see-saw and to jump bicycle racks. The love for dog training was known at this young age of 12.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Baker University, she was encouraged by her professor to pursue her love of dog training. She began work for the Lawrence Humane Society and listened to all the reasons people were giving up their pets. She decided there was a true need to help people train their dogs. She started working as a veterinary technician and training obedience classes.

Joan opened her own full-time training and boarding school in 1986, devoting her skills to educating the public and to solving the bad behaviors causing so many pets to be given away.

Joan began competing in agility in 1993. She is nationally and internationally known for the wide variety of breeds and number of dogs that she handles.


Team Porter and Team Nanuk with Coach Joan Meyer at the 2016 AKC Invitational

Joan and her dogs have earned 40 Agility Championships in AKC and USDAA.  They are a four-time winner of Grand Prix, Steeplechase and Team Relay at USDAA Cynosports.  Competed at 3 AKC/ USA World Team Championships where they received a Silver medal in 2001 as a member of the dream team in Portugal.  She has traveled internationally to compete at the European Open for the USA team and finished in the top ten overall for the 14-inch division.  Winner of the Incredible Dog Challenge 2 years.  Competing in the finals at AKC Invitational and at the AKC and USDAA Nationals with both her shelties and her Norfolk terrier, she loves the thrill of the competition but loves the problem solving of dog training along the way.  

Her teaching and coaching at Triune Canine Training consist of training the total dog and handler.  To date, Joan has instructed and coached 101 handlers in six different agility venues to achieving their goal of earning their Agility Championship.


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