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Triune Canine Training

Training, instructing and coaching the competitive agility dog and their handler.

Photo Credit: Xanadu Ranch Photography

At Triune Canine Training, we believe that agility is a team sport.  Dog agility trainer Joan Meyer has coached over 100 teams to their agility championships.  Working as teams and using goal setting techniques, Triune Teams have qualified for and placed at the AKC Agility Invitational and AKC National Agility Championships.  In summer 2017, a Triune Team represented the United States at the European Agility Open and another Triune Team will represent the United States at the 2018 European Agility Open.

Photo Credit: Xanadu Ranch Photography

Like all of our students, these impressive teams all started out as a separate human and a separate dog without agility experience. Our first and primary goal at Triune Canine Training is teaching the human and dog to work together to become the best team possible. Coach Joan Meyer uses positive agility training techniques to achieve this goal. Her approach takes into account the abilities and strengths of both the human and dog and creates an environment and program to help them reach their agility dreams.  This is done in an open, relaxed, and fun environment. There is no goal too big or too small for Triune Canine Training.

Photo Credit: Xanadu Ranch Photography

When you choose to train with Triune Canine Training, you become part of the Triune community. Our agility teams cheer each other on in class.  You’ll find them ringside for your first run and your hundredth run.  They are a source of encouragement, support, and fun as you and your dog become a team and work towards your agility goals.

Triune Canine Training offers dog training classes and private lessons for all levels at two locations in the St. Louis, Missouri and Southwest Illinois area.  Our new Event Center is under construction and will open soon.

Wentzville, Missouri   Glen Carbon, IL 
Westinn Kennels     The Sports Academy
1522 Swantnerville Drive 101 Glenwest Drive
Wentzville, Missouri 63385 Glen Carbon, IL 62034

To become a Triune Team, please view our agility classes page for our calendar, registration form, and class descriptions. We can be reached at triunecanine@gmail.com  or by calling 785-865-6670.  Hours:  Monday – Thursday, 8 am – 8 pm.

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